Have you met the 38 Regular Suit?

Barney Stinson loves his 38 Regular Suits. The word ‘suit’ will trigger an image of Barney Stinson, played by Neil Patrick Harris. NPH’s alter ego Barney Stinson, who is one of the main characters of the sitcom, is barely ever seen in anything else than a perfectly fitting suit. So who doesn’t want to be able to pull off a 38 Regular Suit like him. His chest size of 38 inches and his slightly above average height of 6'0" in make him the perfect candidate for a modern fit 38 Regular Suit.

“Awesome!” - The 38 Regular Suit

If you watch How I Met Your Mother, you know Barney loves to yell out “Awesome!” in a very high-pitched voice whenever something happens to his liking. My 38 Regular Suit choices for you will hopefully make you do the same.

Have you met..

.. the Dark Gray Modern Fit Two Button Suit?

This model is one of my favorites. Firstly because Dark Gray is a powerful, confident color and secondly because it is so versatile. By the way, this 38 Regular Suit is also available in a shockingly wide range of sizes, going from 34 Regular up to a 62 Regular. But don’t just throw on this suit without love. Take your time combining it with a clean and crisp white dress shirt and a dark blue tie, or opt for a black tie to make it look more formal. Wear it, love it, never let it go.

...the Light Gray Modern Fit Two Button Suit?

After giving the Dark Gray 38 Regular Suit so much praise, here comes the Light Gray. Don’t judge me, gray just makes me happy. As opposed to the above, the Light Gray Modern Fit Two Button Suit comes across as a bit more bold. Not only is it a summer color, but it also gets you even more looks when entering a room. With Neil Patrick Harris’ measurements, you can definitely ride on that wave of confidence and good looks. Pair the Light Gray with a white dress shirt and possibly a burgundy tie, just to mix things up. Love at first sight.

...the Brown Modern Fit Two Button Suit?

For those of you who like to dress a bit more conservative, here comes the Brown Modern Fit 38 Regular Suit. This suit also likes to be combined with white dress shirts. A red or tan tie will add a personal touch to it. Finalize your outfit with dress shoes and a belt in matching colors. Your finished look works at the office just like it does when trying to talk up girls at MacLaren’s.