Rule The Next Black & White Party

“If I could wear a suit every day, I would”. David Gandy’s love for suits is accurately expressed in this simple statement. Would you? Regardless of your answer to that question, there is going to be a point in your life when you are invited to attend a black and white party. And this kind of event definitely calls for a suit! Read my guide on how to put together an eye-catching and elegant look for a Black and White Party.

Black and White Party - Casual vs Formal

However, I will have to disappoint you right now. If you are reading this because you are looking for a definite answer on what to wear, I'll say it depends. Black and White Parties can range from the most casual gathering with friends to a highly formal black tie event with specific attire rules. There are whole books describing the different dress codes required. So I will give you a short blueprint only and you can go ahead and try out different styles afterwards.

The Basics

Depending on your preferences, first choose a well-fitting suit. My choices are the Black Ultra Slim Two Button Suit or its Modern Fit and Classic Fit counterparts. This is the most essential step. Make sure your black suit has everything you’ve been looking for, most importantly a body-flattering and comfortable fit. Throw on a white dress shirt and you’re set! Well, almost.

The Next Step

As for footwear, black is the safest color. A shiny pair of classic leather dress shoes goes well with any black suit. Naturally, a black and white party also calls for a black tie. Straight or bow ties are equally acceptable, this depends on your personality. Nevertheless, a thin black tie always adds a contemporary touch to the overall outfit.

The Final Touches

Finally, choose a few - and I mean very few - beautiful accessories. Think sober rings or just a statement watch. Proper grooming factors into your finished look as well. Nails should be clean and cut. Avoid heavy colognes altogether. A slight scent of your favorite eau de toilette or aftershave can go a long way.

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