Bonobos - Guide Us

Bonobos is an online store that designs and sells men’s dress pants, shirts and blazers. Now they are the largest clothing brand ever built on the web in the U.S. The e-commerce company strives to set itself apart. Their business model includes 20 so-called ‘guideshops’ in the U.S. You can set up an appointment there to try on clothing and get consulted on your right fit. Bonobos also publishes a witty blog. When I heard about it, I just had to research it more closely. Hundred Dollar Suits is inspired by Bonobos’ clever and successful business plan.

Bonobos - what they stand for

The apparel company was brought to life in order to solve a problem that their founders couldn’t deal with anymore. Ill-fitting pants are what I’m talking about. Their signature curved waistband serves those who encounter trousers that are either too loose or too tight every day. It started with a pair of better fitting pants. It soon evolved into a men’s clothing store offering suits and shirts as well. Hundred Dollar Suits’ approach is to set up an online visualizer that lets you upload your picture on our website and virtually try on our different suits.

Why Hundred Dollar Suits loves them

Bonobos also runs a regular blog called ‘Equateur’. Another awesome move on their part. The subjects they cover obviously all revolve around dress pants and suits. But their funny and unconventional take on things makes their blog well worth reading. For example, they compare voters’ choice in the upcoming U.S. presidential election to their chino preferences. Needless to say, you’re going to have to giggle while reading. Hundred Dollar Suits strives to mediate exactly that level of wit and close perception when it comes to men’s suits.

To conclude, Bonobos follows a business model that is definitely worth looking into. The young and urban design of their website makes shopping at least a little bit more fun for those who normally detest it.