Suit Vents - The Three Different Varieties

When it comes to suit vents, most people don't pay attention to them, or the way they look from the back. But, any girl will tell you, it's how you look when you're walking away that counts. So let's take a look behind your suit jacket to reveal an integral part of your suit.

The openings on the back of a constructed jacket are called suit vents. And every jacket will either have one or two, unless you're Italian.

The Single Suit Vent

Originating with American cowboys who needed their jackets to open naturally while on horseback, single suit vents became an American staple. A single vent adds more mobility to a suit jacket. Interestingly, they are also more affordable and more commonly available because of this. When sitting down on a chair, the spreading vent may produce a rather unattractive gap, my advice put it on the back of your chair. The single suit vent is a classic look that takes some finesse to pull off. But, if you'd like something more modern, keep reading.

Double Suit Vents

The more modern, British double vented suit, is kind of the gold standard nowadays. Though, they need more fabric and effort to produce, double suit vents are a fashion standard. And, have been for most of the 21st century.

No Suit Vents? The Italian Way

If you're jacket lack vents it isn't a defect. Reserved for very skinny gentlemen, a non-vented jacket is much more form fitting. A V-shape body, meaning broad shoulders and a small waist, will not be complemented by non-vented jackets. This last kind of suit vent or lack thereof is usually worn by Italian men, who tend to have a very lean physique. Needless to say, the comfort of a non-vented jacket is on a much lower level than its predecessors.

Whatever you're body type, and whatever your suit vent preference, you're guaranteed to look good because you took the time to pick the right one for you.

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