Herringbone Pattern. Roads to Fashion

We’ve already talked about herringbone pattern in a previous article. But before you stop reading this, let me remind you: In fashion, it's never too late to learn. New knowledge might be thrown your way in this article. This is what we know: Herringbone gets its name from the way the pattern kind of resembles a fish skeleton. Since fish bone doesn’t sound fancy enough, the name herringbone was born.

History of Herringbone Pattern - Road Pavement

Much to my regret, we will have to turn our backs on fashion for a moment. The history of herringbone dates back to the Roman Empire, around 500 B.C. The Romans set up a road system known as 'Viae Publicae.' Yes, I threw a little bit of Latin in there. This will help you sound super smart at the next fancy party you attend in your herringbone suit. As GQ’s Jian Deleon tells us, “that system literally paved the way for how we make roads today”. Criss-crossing chevrons in the herringbone pattern enables the road to absorb compression of movement.

Herringbone Pattern in Men’s Fashion

Back to men’s fashion: Egyptian textiles form the cornerstone of herringbone pattern. Basically, it can be seen as a kind of twill. The pointy chevrons of the twill are achieved by reversing the cloth periodically. In terms of fashion, Italy is also the country we will have to look at. The oldest examples of herringbone fabric have been found there. Then again, what isn’t this country famous for. Bravo at this point.

Herringbone Pattern today

So now we’ve learned where this high fashion kind of pattern was born and raised. But where does herringbone pattern spend its adult life? America, among others. Daniel Craig aka James Bond, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper. Just to name a few rather famous men who sport their herringbone suits all the time.


Inspired by Italian Roads and Fashion, brought to the world. Let’s be glad that herringbone was invented. It serves so many different purposes and people.

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