50L Suits. Stealing The Rock's Style

50L Suits. They are worn by strong and tall men. Let’s have a closer look at Size 50L Suits, which happens to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s suit size. The former WWE Wrestler and Actor Dwayne Johnson still has his ring name “The Rock”. Pretty fitting, since his chest still spans a strong 50 inches. I wondered what kinds of suits a man like him would like to wear. So I did a little research on his personal suit style. Below, I will present you a style I stole from him, made affordable.

The breakdown of 50L Suits

Size 50L entails this: The number 50 is the chest size. If your chest spans 50 inches at its largest part, this is going to be your suit size. L means Long. This represents height. Men featuring a height of 6 feet and up buy suits which are labeled ‘Long’. A 50L Suit includes pants in a size 44. Consequently, there is a six inch drop for all of our suits.

Dwayne Johnson wears 50L Suits

When Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson turns up in 50L Suits, the red carpet is his. You thought I wouldn’t be able to use ‘The Rock’ and 50L Suits in one sentence? Well, I just did. With a chest measurement of incredible 50 inch and a height of 6’ 4”, Dwayne definitely fits well into 50L Suits. And we love seeing him in them, whatever he does.

50L Suits - The Rock's Style Steals

Now that we know what an incredible man Dwayne is, let’s also steal his style. In March 2013, he appeared at the GI Joe premiere in a beautiful dark gray two button suit, featuring a notched lapel. The designer is unknown, but let’s just assume that it was expensive. Luckily, there is a more affordable option.

The Dark Gray Modern Fit Two Button Suit in 52L is a very similar version of Dwayne’s style. Its notched lapel and tapered shoulders and torso make it a contemporary wear for the everyday gentleman. Rock it at the office, leave it on for happy hour drinks. See how effortlessly cool Dwayne smiles into the camera? It’s because he knows he looks good. Just like him, only button your top button and leave the bottom one undone. A light blue or aqua dress shirt completes the look.

You can never be The Rock. He is unique. But you might be able to be inspired by his dapper suit style in 50L suits.

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