Wool: The Gentlemen's Fabric

Arguably the nicest fabric to wear, it keeps you warm even when wet and is extremely versatile. The U.S. industry pales in comparison to New Zealand and Australia, which both have millions of sheep at the ready to make tons and tons of wool for the world. Interestingly, the U.S. has gone down in production because people began eating lamb, which directly stood in the way of production. However, wool is still an important fiber in fashion. It is spun into suits, overcoats and pants. These products make it extremely valuable to fashionable people around the world.

The Characteristics of Wool  

The first important thing about this fabric: Every fiber consists of 10 to 41 microns, a large range when considering thickness, but this varied size enables tailors to select the absolute perfect fibers to craft with. This dimension is often referred to as the gauge. and the finer the fabric is the softer it is. As a comparison, human hair is 60 microns thick. And, each of these fibers is about an inch to an inch and a half in length. The second characteristic that makes it very useful for the fashion world is its elasticity. This mean that the fabric retains its shape even when the garment wrinkles, twists, and stretches. The final characteristic that makes it important to the fashion world is its strength. Some say that a fiber of wool is the same strength as a fiber of steel the same length.

What is Wool Used For in the Fashion World

Wool is currently very en vogue. Since the decline of the wool industry the fiber has actually become a luxury item. Even fashion students are warming up to the fabric now. The environmental movement and knitting industry have caught on as well. This fabric is renewable and cheap to make into clothing. Cottage industries constantly profit from that.