Boat Shoes and You

So you got your vertical stripe shirt with its collar popped and you are looking for some shoes. Not just any shoes though. You want shoes that say: Yeah I got money. But I also like to relax on a boat and not wear socks. Well, do we have a shoe for you. Boat shoes will do this exact thing for you. You hardly have to try and do anything. Which if you are reading this article would be ideal. Whether you actually own a boat or just want to stop wearing socks, these shoes will probably fit you very well.

History of Boat Shoes

When you think boats, you might think those things have been around for thousands of years. Then the next logical thought would be, boat shoes have been around for as long as that. Well, first that’s not true and if you think that way perhaps put down the bong. At least for a little while. Boat shoes are actually relatively new.

According to Wikipedia,  the modern boat shoe was developed by a man named Paul A. Sperry in New Haven, Connecticut. No wonder everyone hates Connecticut. That is where the modern preppy came from. Anyway, supposedly he noticed that dogs do not slip when running across the ice and developed this siping pattern that stopped slipping. Ever since then hippies, preppies, and sailors have been wearing the shoe.

Why Boat Shoes?

Didn’t you read the last section? Those shoes don’t slip. The reason the shoes are used for boating is the anti-slipping treads on the bottom of the shoe. Also, did I mention the fact that you do not have to wear socks? Yes, that is right, so when you are at a bar drinking you don’t have to wear any socks. Isn’t that great. One last thing I love about boat shoes: They are casual, but more formal than other shoes.