The Shawl Lapel. Classy Elegance

The shawl lapel is the Cadillac of Lapels, the classiest of all three lapel types. Do you remember my last article about the peak lapel, where I put so much praise on this kind of lapel? The shawl lapel actually beats it by far when it comes to high-end elegance. The peak lapel is used for both casual formal wear and fancy parties. The notched lapel is most worn for everyday business attire. As opposed to those two types, the shawl lapel has the sole purpose of being fancy.  If you get invited to white tie events or galas, you can wear this lapel. That’s great, but what exactly does it look like? 

Fine. But what is the Shawl Lapel?

According to Black Lapel, this lapel is “characterized by a rounded edge, the shawl lapel is most common on dinner jackets / tuxedos (for those nights you plan on taking down a couple of Oscars or upstaging the groomsmen at a friend’s wedding). While you will rarely see a shawl collar on anything other than a tuxedo (or smoking jacket), many style enthusiasts will argue that the shawl lapel can be more of an informal variation of evening wear.” So basically it is a rounded lapel with a continuous curve, whereas the notched and peak lapels are pointed.

Where to wear a Shawl Lapel?

Well, as I said above the shawl lapel is the Cadillac of lapels. This is what that means: This lapel type is not used for casual wear or everyday work. It is literally just used to be worn at black tie events and similar soirées. You wear it to a yacht gala while sipping champagne. If you wear it to anything other than these events, you will get frowned upon. So you might just want to wear a suit with this lapel with a little digression. You will not score points with your co-workers showboating this around. You will appreciate its elegance most by wearing it rather seldom.