What is a Peak Lapel?

What is a Peak Lapel? If you are asking this question, you have arrived. Where have you arrived? Probably at a place with a butler or a foyer with a gigantic fountain in the middle. There are different lapels out there and each has a certain purpose.  If you are invited to a black tie event, it's time to step up your game. Get a suit with a peak lapel. But what exactly is it and what’s the big deal with this lapel?

What is a Peak Lapel?

Peak lapel or pointed lapel is defines as a lapel with an edge pointed upward towards your shoulder. Who should wear this lapel? According to Black Lapel, “For those looking for some added height, the points of a peak lapel can create an elongating effect by moving the eyes upwards towards the shoulders. The elongating effect also has a slimming effect, so larger gents might want to give this a try as well.”  This lapel most commonly comes with single breasted suits. 

What’s the Big Deal with the Peak Lapel?

You might have read about the notched lapel, the lapel for everyday business. However, this lapel is intended for fancy parties. When you get invited to a white tie or black tie event, you should consider wearing a suit with a peaked lapel. What is a peak lapel? The lapel is the most traditional and formal of the lapels. According to the website Black Lapel, it was originally formal wear for tailcoats and morning coats. The lapel has been around for over 100 years. It has been formal for about the same amount of time. Manufacturing these lapels is expensive, making them a luxury item. 

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