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  • Many men would rather rent a suit than buy one. Often for these few, simple reasons: suits are expensive, they don't wear them often enough, or they don't know their size. But renting isn't always the best option. So, let me offer an alternative.

    The Price

    At first glance, renting a suit seems like a good idea in order to save a little. But consider this, the more often you rent a suit, the more it would be worth it to buy your own. Just like living in a rented apartment, it would probably be financially smarter to buy some point. Renting can cost you $100 and up. This is exactly the price Hundred Dollar Suits charges for a full two-piece suit. Naturally, there are still accessories like shoes and dress shirts to be bought. However, buying your own suits will still turn out to be less expensive in the long run. And less of a hassle.

    It Won’t Fit

    If you're like me and rent your suit at the last minute, you're going to make mistakes regarding the fit and size. In contrast, if you buy a suit, you should take your time and get it tailored. This eliminates any fear of it not fitting correctly.

    Less Variety

    The next problem is choice. This goes along with the last point as well. Since you don’t care as much about a rental suit, you might just grab whatever color and go. As opposed to browsing different options.


    Finally, having your very own suit will give your wardrobe a much more upscale touch. When asked to a high-end party spontaneously, you will be able to. Just pull out your suit and voila.

    It's still your choice. If buying is not your cup of tea, stick with renting. To everyone else, happy shopping.

  • The White Suit, paired with a blue shirt and blue pocket square for a great Navy look.

    Who in their right mind would ever wear a white suit? Well, you should! Labor Day is fast approaching and the time to wear white is closing. What better way to send out the summer than with Hundred Dollar Suits’ White Suit. With a slim tailoring and a beautifully bright finish, the white suit is perfectly form-fitting, and amazingly clean and crisp.

    The White Suit for Labor Day

    Alright, you can’t justify buying a white suit from anywhere else and why would you. I wouldn’t spend $500 on something I’d only wear once. $100 though, that sounds a lot more appealing. Even I bought a freakin' pumpkin suit for Halloween one year. Come on, it’s one day a year, you can celebrate the American labor movement in style.

    Deconstructing the Suit

    Alright, I’m not convincing you, but maybe what will convince you is how easily deconstructable the white suit is. First off, you get a pair of white dress pants. I know this sounds a little crazy. But paired with a lilac shirt and a paisley tie, it is a sure-fire summer BBQ hit. Especially if you want to impress that debutante.

    Deconstructing the Jacket

    The jacket will deconstruct nicely; you can pair it with khaki shorts and boat shoes for a nice boating look. Honestly, even navy pants or shorts will look great with this jacket. It will give them a step up in terms of formality and definitely make you look great. Needless to say, it will impress your boss.


    Interestingly enough, a white suit isn’t the oddest thing to add to your wardrobe. Consider the rise of “White Parties” and you might save yourself the trouble of scrambling to put together an outfit. If nothing else, the Hundred Dollar Suits’ White Suit is versatile and will give you a sharp look in the summer, Labor Day, Fourth of July and a fun look at any Christmas party.

  • “On my knees in a hundred dollar suit..” No, this is not our staff praying in a hundred dollar suit, it’s part of the lyrics by Husky. The Australian Band released their debut album “Forever So” in 2012, including the Song “Hundred Dollar Suit” as Track 10. Why am I writing about Husky's Hundred Dollar Suit ? The song itself actually has not much to do with actual suits. I like to concern myself with curious things like that. So many song titles seem completely random, the Indie Folk Band Husky followed this example. 

    The Lyrics

    There is one leitmotif in Husky's song:

    Shipwrecked hearts start sailing
    Praying in the rain
    On my knees in a hundred dollar suit

    By the way, a leitmotif is a recurring phrase in a song associated with a particular person, place or idea, according to Wikipedia. It is derived from the German word Leitmotiv, which loosely translates to guiding motive.

    What does Husky's Hundred Dollar Suit  mean? This is probably subject to everybody’s own interpretation. In my opinion, Husky’s Hundred Dollar Suit is a nostalgic and melancholic song. “I wanna see my home again” is another line, which tells us directly that the singer is longing for his home. But why does he do it in a Hundred Dollar Suit? The band's well-kept secret. 

    The Band Husky

    Husky didn’t really reach international fame yet. However, the band is well known all over Australia. Plus, they are the first band who signed with Sub Pop Records, an American music label partially owned by the Warner Music Group. Their lead singer Husky Gawenda won the APRA Award in 2013, an Australian bi-annual ceremony series. It recognizes songwriting skills, sales and airplay performances.

    Husky's Hundred Dollar Suit

    Even though the song title might have been chosen as a joke, I can see Mister Gawenda kneeling in a Hundred Dollar Suit. The Indie Folk Band Husky seems to be creative in a simple way.

    *Image by Bruce, Flickr.

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    Let’s start it off with a sad truth: I am a woman, and even I had to find out what women want. This subject is pretty elusive. Note that I’m not saying this in an anti-feminist way, women just have different ways of thinking than men. Now I will proudly present to you my findings on what women really want. Naturally, I will get rid of a few common cliches and prove a few of them. Continue reading

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  • Unbelievable, but true: when in training, Ryan Reynolds boasted an incredible 54 inch chest. If you are already at that size, look no further and have a read through of my style suggestions for all you tall and strong gentlemen. Suiting up is a must.

    54L Suits - The Details

    As wearer of a 54L Suit, you measure 54 inches around the largest part of your chest. Your height is anything above six foot. Does this profile match you? About the pants: note that there is a six inch drop, meaning that the pants belonging to this suit size will be a size 48. If your waist is anything over or under a size 48, not a problem. Suit pants are constructed in a way that allows you to either take them in by three inches or expand them. However, there is one thing that you should be aware of, taking them in a lot will move the pockets closer together.

    54L Suits - Casual vs Office

    As opposed to what you might think, there are many suits available that will fit you just perfectly. A great summer color is tan. The Tan Classic Fit Three Button Suit will complement your body in the right ways. Its three buttons add just a touch of classic elegance. 54L Suits in Navy are great as well, because they are one of the most surefire options. You cannot do anything wrong with a Navy Modern Fit Two Button Suit, completed with a white dress shirt and a blue tie. This office outfit is very difficult to beat.

  • When it comes to buttons, lapels, and drape, no two suits are the same. Every suit has small differences and of course there are much more noticeable big differences. The biggest difference when looking at a suit jacket is the apparent style. And, there are two distinct style types that every jacket will fall into. These types are single-breasted suits and double-breasted suits.

    differences Between double and Single-breasted suits?

    Double-breasted suits are considered more formal, as opposed to single-breasted suits. And they originated from the naval reefer jacket, also known as the pea coat. The term double-breasted normally describes a jacket with two parallel columns of buttons and an overlapping front flap. A single-breasted jacket only features one row of buttons. Today, single-breasted suit jackets are the most common.

    It’s all about the buttons

    When dividing suits into sections, it all comes down to the buttons. A single-breasted suit normally features one, two or three buttons. While, double-breasted suits feature four, six or, even eight buttons. Double-breasted suits also feature a hidden button called the anchor. This button merely helps keep the fabric together and give the suit a better drape and frame your figure better. When buttoning a double-breasted suit you should always leave the lower one undone and button the middle one instead. The anchor button should also be fastened at all times, regardless if you’re sitting or standing.

    My opinion

    I really love the double-breasted suit, unfortunately I don't look good in them. But that doesn't mean you won't so please give it a try. From a style perspective, a single-breasted suit is more modern and easier to style with. Though, if you've got the body for it a double-breasted suit will make you look like a movie star that just stepped off the plane in Monaco.

  • Today’s focus will be cash back website Ebates. The e-commerce company was founded in 1998 in San Francisco as a shopping portal and has performed pretty well so far, to say the least. 

    What Ebates is

    The shopping portal gives its customers cash back for their online shopping. As a customer, you can click on a link of a listed store and it takes you to the actual online shop. Ebates is an affiliate to more than 2600 different retailers. An affiliate is a person or a company which makes a small commission for referring customers. 

    An example - Dell

    Let’s say you would like to buy a Laptop from Dell and it is $900. Ebates currently offers 5% Cash Back on Dell Products. Their affiliation with Dell includes a commission of 10% for each sale. This equals $90. Ebates gives half of that money back to their customers, $45 in this case. This way, the company itself makes $45 off that sale.

    A win-win-win situation. Dell wins because they receive more sales through this cash back model. You as a buyer win because Ebates pays you $45 in cash back. And the website itself keeps $45 of their commission, which they received from Dell. Sweet deal, isn’t it?

    Rakuten, Inc. acquires Ebates

    Now that we know what exactly the company does, let’s have a look at their performance so far. The company was founded in 1998 in San Francisco. Ever since then, they grew continuously and soon became the biggest provider of cash back in North America. In 2014, Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten, Inc. agreed to acquire Ebates for $1 Billion in cash. Now they own 100 Percent of the website's outstanding voting stock. According to Rakuten, Inc CEO Hiroshi Mikitani, “the combination of Rakuten and Ebates is entirely unique and will revolutionize ecommerce”.

    Even before this deal, the online cash back retailer was performing really well. The California-based company generated a net revenue of more than $167 million in 2013, resulting in income of $13.7 million. In 2011, their revenue was at just under $74 million, growing to $122 million in 2012.


    Enough numbers for now. The Cash Back Website seems to be on the right track with their simple, but efficient business model. Many questions are still unanswered, but you will have to bear with me until my next post.

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