Why Wear a Suit

For as long as business suit have been around, men have worn them. All the while, no one wondered why we wear suits to work or elsewhere at all. Now, there is no clear cut answer to why we wear suits, but I do know a little something.

One shot

In your career, as in life, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Make it count. The reason why we wear suits is to be prepared to look our best in every situation.


With business casual becoming the new norm, why even bother wearing a suit? Because it's classy. If you do not understand, watch a season of Mad Men and you will get the picture.

The Privilege of Formality

Young professionals are often undervalued and a suit keeps a young man from being overlooked by a potential employer.

Respect yourself

Why wear a suit? Men in suits radiate self-respect, as well as confidence. Suits hold attention in a positive way.

Be the suit

Superheroes wear suits and so should you. Interestingly enough, a new study proved that dressing up makes a man’s thought process more powerful.


Symbols die hard. No matter how casual America gets, the suit will remain a symbol of strength.