What is the Notched Lapel?

Notch LapelThere are many different aspects to suits. So many that you could get lost. For example, the lapel. If you don't know what a lapel is, it is the part of the suit jacket that folds back below the collar. But there is not just one lapel. Oh no, there are three different kinds of lapel.

Not only are there three, but these lapels are worn for different events and have different etiquette. The most common lapel is the notched lapel. The other two are more formal and used for more fancier events. The notched lapel being the most common you would think it is the least uses, but that is not true.

What is the notched lapel

What is a notched lapel? Good question. You'll have to know the answer when shopping for a suit. A notched lapel is sewn to the collar at an angle, creating a step effect.  It is most often found in single-breasted suit jackets, blazers and sportcoats.  If you only own one suit, this is the lapel type to go with.” The notched lapel is also known as the stepped lapel.

When Do You Wear a Notched Lapel?

This lapel is often worn as an  everyday business suit, however, it is versatile enough to be easily dressed up for a wedding or a casual date night.

So if you have a to wear a lapel for work purposes, this lapel is for you.  Every wardrobe should include at least one of these suits.

when looking for a lapel with this most widely used lapel. Notch is the one  for you.

Its Great for:

  • interviews ,
  • Day Jobs,
  • weddings,
  • funerals ,
  • more...