How to Wear Patterns

When you were a child someone would choose clothes for you to wear. Patterns or solids, they decided. However, now you are an adult. As an adult it is up to you to pick out your own outfit. I know this can be a challenge because mostly all you want to do is have a maid do all of this for you. But you are not rich and every time you ask your girlfriend to do it she gets angry for some reason. So for all of those who have problem, this article is for you. This article will help you decide where and when to wear patterns or solids.

Patterns for Consideration

There are a few of the more common patterns for suits and casual wear. One pattern is stripes. Stripes come in all shapes and sizes for the wearer. This pattern is flexible and can even be worn with solid colors. Another pattern is Gingham, yes gingham, that’s right we’re going back to the Old West for this one. This pattern is usually checkered. One more pattern is herringbone. This pattern is usually found on ties and suits and even on the side of your house.

How to Wear Patterns

When considering patterns, start simple. Pick out what you want to wear and make sure the colors compliment each other. Also consider scale and color. By scale I mean, the smaller the pattern is the easier it is to pair with another color. For color make sure there is a color that brings your outfit together. For example, maybe have your shirt be a solid color in order to ground your style and to bring out the pattern itself. Also remember to start small. Start with maybe a tie and then work your way up to a gingham shirt or plaid coat.


Anyone can wear patterns. Just remember that you should be patient and see which patterns work best for you. Just start small and then branch out.

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