Undershirts Unveiled

Undershirts Unveiled

When referring to suits, the phrases two-piece and three-piece come to mind. This would mean the jacket and pants or both, plus a vest, respectively. But there are so many more clothing items to be thought of when putting on a suit. Starting with a dress shirt, shoes, a belt, jewelry and of course: the undershirt. Undershirts are undoubtedly a pretty weird kind of apparel. Neither underwear, nor real shirt, the undershirt serve several purposes. This invisible kind of garment is worthy of a closer look.

The History of Undershirts

The original purpose of the undershirt was protecting the clothing that was worn over it. Before the 18th century, regular bathing wasn’t on people’s agendas. That’s why they needed to wear another layer of clothing under their delicate garments to keep them from touching their skin. Even a couple of centuries later, the U.S. Military added undershirts to their uniforms for the same reason. Today, undershirts meet slightly different needs.

Undershirts Today

The undershirt’s function has shifted. It provides an extra layer of clothing for semi-transparent dress shirts. Most of the better quality dress shirts tend to be made of a finer fabric, which is why they can be subtly see-through. Of course, the undershirt also absorb perspiration. Many men like to wear them because it gives the overall look a more put-together appearance.

Choosing the Undershirt

The most common undershirt is probably the classic white crew neck T-Shirt. But be aware, I said t-shirt, but I do mean a designated undershirt, not a regular shirt you could wear by itself. Undershirts are normally ribbed, which makes them more comfortable and stretchier. Another option would be a ribbed tanktop, think Ryan from O.C. California, or a V-Neck. The latter has an advantage over the crewneck as you will be able to leave your dress shirt partially undone and nobody will notice you’re even wearing an undershirt.

I could go on and on about undershirts, they are just so functional. But I will stop here and leave you to it. Go ahead now and shop undershirts like you mean it.