Why Men Wear Ties

Whether you think of ties as a fashionable accessory or a noose around your neck, they're important for your suit ensemble. If you've ever wondered why men wear ties, we're here to clear that up for you. Turns out, ties are more than just an accessory. In fact, we could say that the tie completes the suit.

The History of the Tie

Wearing ties is a more recent trend against the backdrop of history. They're actually one of the markers of modernity for Western civilization. Ties began to crop up in the Victorian Era, among the upper-class. They were worn to show which parts of society people belonged too, such as different schools or clubs. Before this era, ties as we know today didn't really exist. Neckerchiefs, ascots, cravats, and other sorts of neckties were worn in various military settings. By the early 1900's, our modern tie became fashionable. While during the years length, width, patterns, and colors have changed with fashion, the overall shape has remained the same. 

Reasons to Wear Ties Today

Professionalism at work -- If everyone at your office wears a tie, you should wear one too. While it's sometimes cool and rebellious to reject the tie (see Mark Zuckerburg), sometimes you just need to fit in. And if you're younger than most people in your field, a tie is a great way to seem more mature.

It makes you look better -- Beyond professionalism, ties make your outfit look better. They hide your shirt buttons, and they can even make you look taller. Knowing this, don't ties raise your confidence level a bit?

Spice up your suit -- Standard suit colors are gray, black, dark blue and brown. Boooring. Add in a funky tie to give your suit some personality! Or, even if you're not that creative, a lighter color or a subtle pattern can make you stand out.

The history surrounding the tie is part of the appeal. The necktie has always signified authority in modern society. Picking out nice ties to pair with your suit shows that you mean business. If you can go the extra mile to look professional at work, people will take you more seriously.  

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