The All White Party and its history

The All White Party and its history

History of the All White Party

The first all white party took place in France. When Francois Pasquier had his homecoming party in the park after traveling abroad. His friends wore all white so they could find each other. The tradition has continued to this day. Drawing men and women in all white to a yearly, secret party in France that started with forty people and now seats over two thousand.

Today, these parties have become even less formal. Silent discos, where multiple DJs spin at the same time and the dancers listen in on color coded wireless headphones, often have all white dress codes. Underdog sports teams, like the Golden State Warriors, ask their fans to wear all white for important home games.

The All White Party Today

An all white party is by nature exclusive. Not necessarily secret as the original French parties. In the 90s Sean Combs, also known as Ditty, famously used his all white parties to take New York High Society by storm in the Hamptons. Be sure you know what kind of all white party you are getting yourself into because these parties can get a little crazy.

There is something inherently new about these parties. They happen in the spring and summer, seasons of birth. And they are popular among up-and-comers, both socially and economically. All white parties are not to be confused with white tie parties. At white tie parties, you wear a white bow tie or shoes, but a black jacket.

When reporters asked Combs about his party’s proximity to the fabled Gatsby manor, Combs replied: "Have I read The Great Gatsby? I am the Great Gatsby."