Matching Shoes to Your Suit

Finding and buying the perfect suit is one thing. But finding the perfect pair of shoes is something completely different, just ask your girlfriend. To help you pair your suit with matching shoes, read this crisp guide.

Rocking Suits and Shoes

When buying shoes, remember that you are probably going to have the pair for a long time, so don’t be afraid to invest a little more in it and let a shop assistant help you choose the right size. With the right shoe, your hundred dollar suit is going to make you feel like a million bucks.

Matching shoes with...

Navy Blue Suit

What works best with this suit are black or dark brown. Black shoes are the most straightforward combination with a navy blue suit, go with dark brown for a bit of a twist. So it really depends on what type of man you are, you can either play it safe with black or have some more fun with other colors.

Gray Suit

All shades of gray are classic colors that also go well with different kinds of leather. Like the navy suit, this color is versatile. Black, brown or burgundy shoes work best, but feel free to try your suit with different colored dress shoes. Grey suits are a tiny bit more relaxed than their navy peers, but they are still very elegant and should be paired with classy shoes. So don’t just buy any shoe, put some careful consideration in upgrading your collection.

Tan Suit

This summery color gets along best with brown and light brown shoes. This is a combination that many people are going to be jealous of you for, because not everybody has enough guts to wear a tan suit at all. But try to surpass yourself, your collection definitely needs this perfect pair.

White/Ivory Suit

Now it’s getting a bit more troublesome. A really light suit is a statement that can make a powerful impression when worn with the right dress shoes. So pay close attention now. Combine a white or ivory suit with light shoe colors, like a light brown or tan. Don’t reach for darker shoe colors, this will create too much contrast.