The History of the Button


Have you ever wondered about the button? If you think about it, buttons are a strange thing. There are many items on a suit that don’t make much sense. Buttons on suit jackets are one of those items. Why are they there? If you go to a suit store and ask an expert they’ll say they are there for aesthetic purposes. When someone says this to me I think am I being charged for this aesthetic appeal. I would rather not have these buttons, than to be charged. Well, good point, but calm down. Those buttons are on most suits and you can have them removed. But have you ever wondered why they are there? I did, so I looked it up. Let me tell you it’s pretty interesting.

The History of the Button

The history of the button has a lot to do with the evolution of the suit and what it looks like today. Suits have been around for a while, since around the 1500s. However, they looked radically different from today. Have you ever seen those paintings of kings and noblemen with long fake grey hair? Those clothes they are wearing were the first 3 piece suits. Fast forward a couple of hundred years and you’ll see the forerunner to the modern suit. These suits were heavy and thick because they were worn everywhere to the factory, on the farm, and going off to war. So these suits were durable and had to be adjustable. Hence the buttons on the suit were for adjusting the sleeve to go up or down.

Conclusion on the Button

To conclude on the button, they may not have any functional purpose on a suit, but there is a reason for them being there. There is a long tradition to them. They have more than an aesthetic purpose. So the next time you are shopping for a suit remember this piece of useless information.

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