Blazers versus Suit Jackets

We need to talk about blazers versus suit jackets. Everybody wants to look their best, but sometimes it’s hard to determine which combinations are possible. If you increase your fashion knowledge, you’re going to be able to look utterly flawless while educating others about style as well. So let’s untangle a bit of the confusion about blazers versus suit jackets.


Starting from the beginning. A blazer is a “plain jacket, typically dark blue, not forming part of a suit but considered appropriate for formal or semi-formal wear”. This helps, but then again - what is the difference to a suit jacket? And more importantly, which one comes across as more fashionable? We’ve already talked about the constructed versus the unconstructed jacket before, and this is how far we got: An unconstructed jacket lacks the lining, the chest canvas, shoulder pads and sleeve head rolls.

Suit jackets

A suit jacket is defined as being such only if it’s matched with trousers made from the same exact swatch of fabric, as explains it. This has an important consequence: Try avoid wearing your suit jacket with anything else other than the pants that match it. Why? Because if you do that frequently, your suit jacket is going to fade more than its counterpart. This wouldn't look congruous anymore. A suit jacket is a delicate piece of clothing that you should take good care of. Showcase your suit in the office, at weddings and high-end dinners.


Blazers are considered much more casual and versatile. Therefore, they are easier to combine. But by all means, don’t go crazy when wearing a blazer either. The blazer’s history dates back to the British Navy in the early 19th century. Even though it might have lost a bit of its official connotation, it’s still a great piece of fashion to add to your wardrobe. Just remember: For events like weddings or funerals, a full suit is the better choice. When it comes to style: In case your goal is a more modern look, choose a blazer. If you want to make a lasting impression in an elegant outfit, opt for a full suit.

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