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  • For as long as business suit have been around, men have worn them. All the while, no one wondered why we wear suits to work or elsewhere at all. Now, there is no clear cut answer to why we wear suits, but I do know a little something.

    One shot

    In your career, as in life, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Make it count. The reason why we wear suits is to be prepared to look our best in every situation.


    With business casual becoming the new norm, why even bother wearing a suit? Because it's classy. If you do not understand, watch a season of Mad Men and you will get the picture.

    The Privilege of Formality

    Young professionals are often undervalued and a suit keeps a young man from being overlooked by a potential employer.

    Respect yourself

    Why wear a suit? Men in suits radiate self-respect, as well as confidence. Suits hold attention in a positive way.

    Be the suit

    Superheroes wear suits and so should you. Interestingly enough, a new study proved that dressing up makes a man’s thought process more powerful.


    Symbols die hard. No matter how casual America gets, the suit will remain a symbol of strength.

  • Notch LapelThere are many different aspects to suits. So many that you could get lost. For example, the lapel. If you don't know what a lapel is, it is the part of the suit jacket that folds back below the collar. But there is not just one lapel. Oh no, there are three different kinds of lapel. Continue reading

  • How to Wear Patterns

    When you were a child someone would choose clothes for you to wear. Patterns or solids, they decided. However, now you are an adult. As an adult it is up to you to pick out your own outfit. I know this can be a challenge because mostly all you want to do is have a maid do all of this for you. But you are not rich and every time you ask your girlfriend to do it she gets angry for some reason. So for all of those who have problem, this article is for you. This article will help you decide where and when to wear patterns or solids. Continue reading

  • Undershirts Unveiled

    When referring to suits, the phrases two-piece and three-piece come to mind. This would mean the jacket and pants or both, plus a vest, respectively. But there are so many more clothing items to be thought of when putting on a suit. Starting with a dress shirt, shoes, a belt, jewelry and of course: the undershirt. Undershirts are undoubtedly a pretty weird kind of apparel. Neither underwear, nor real shirt, the undershirt serve several purposes. This invisible kind of garment is worthy of a closer look. Continue reading

  • Whether you think of ties as a fashionable accessory or a noose around your neck, they're important for your suit ensemble. If you've ever wondered why men wear ties, we're here to clear that up for you. Turns out, ties are more than just an accessory. In fact, we could say that the tie completes the suit.

    The History of the Tie

    Wearing ties is a more recent trend against the backdrop of history. They're actually one of the markers of modernity for Western civilization. Ties began to crop up in the Victorian Era, among the upper-class. They were worn to show which parts of society people belonged too, such as different schools or clubs. Before this era, ties as we know today didn't really exist. Neckerchiefs, ascots, cravats, and other sorts of neckties were worn in various military settings. By the early 1900's, our modern tie became fashionable. While during the years length, width, patterns, and colors have changed with fashion, the overall shape has remained the same. 

    Reasons to Wear Ties Today

    Professionalism at work -- If everyone at your office wears a tie, you should wear one too. While it's sometimes cool and rebellious to reject the tie (see Mark Zuckerburg), sometimes you just need to fit in. And if you're younger than most people in your field, a tie is a great way to seem more mature.

    It makes you look better -- Beyond professionalism, ties make your outfit look better. They hide your shirt buttons, and they can even make you look taller. Knowing this, don't ties raise your confidence level a bit?

    Spice up your suit -- Standard suit colors are gray, black, dark blue and brown. Boooring. Add in a funky tie to give your suit some personality! Or, even if you're not that creative, a lighter color or a subtle pattern can make you stand out.

    The history surrounding the tie is part of the appeal. The necktie has always signified authority in modern society. Picking out nice ties to pair with your suit shows that you mean business. If you can go the extra mile to look professional at work, people will take you more seriously.  

  • The All White Party and its history

    History of the All White Party

    The first all white party took place in France. When Francois Pasquier had his homecoming party in the park after traveling abroad. His friends wore all white so they could find each other. The tradition has continued to this day. Drawing men and women in all white to a yearly, secret party in France that started with forty people and now seats over two thousand.
    Continue reading

  • Imagine walking into a big department store, on the hunt for a new suit.  You find the right section and start searching for your perfect suit. Quickly, you have 5 suits thrown over your arm to try on later. Maybe a shop assistant is helping you as well. What you realize pretty quickly: All of the suits have very different prices. Many look the same. You wonder: What's the difference? Continue reading

  • button

    Have you ever wondered about the button? If you think about it, buttons are a strange thing. There are many items on a suit that don’t make much sense. Buttons on suit jackets are one of those items. Why are they there? If you go to a suit store and ask an expert they’ll say they are there for aesthetic purposes. When someone says this to me I think am I being charged for this aesthetic appeal. I would rather not have these buttons, than to be charged. Well, good point, but calm down. Those buttons are on most suits and you can have them removed. But have you ever wondered why they are there? I did, so I looked it up. Let me tell you it’s pretty interesting.

    The History of the Button

    The history of the button has a lot to do with the evolution of the suit and what it looks like today. Suits have been around for a while, since around the 1500s. However, they looked radically different from today. Have you ever seen those paintings of kings and noblemen with long fake grey hair? Those clothes they are wearing were the first 3 piece suits. Fast forward a couple of hundred years and you’ll see the forerunner to the modern suit. These suits were heavy and thick because they were worn everywhere to the factory, on the farm, and going off to war. So these suits were durable and had to be adjustable. Hence the buttons on the suit were for adjusting the sleeve to go up or down.

    Conclusion on the Button

    To conclude on the button, they may not have any functional purpose on a suit, but there is a reason for them being there. There is a long tradition to them. They have more than an aesthetic purpose. So the next time you are shopping for a suit remember this piece of useless information.

  • Finding and buying the perfect suit is one thing. But finding the perfect pair of shoes is something completely different, just ask your girlfriend. To help you pair your suit with matching shoes, read this crisp guide.

    Rocking Suits and Shoes

    When buying shoes, remember that you are probably going to have the pair for a long time, so don’t be afraid to invest a little more in it and let a shop assistant help you choose the right size. With the right shoe, your hundred dollar suit is going to make you feel like a million bucks.

    Matching shoes with...

    Navy Blue Suit

    What works best with this suit are black or dark brown. Black shoes are the most straightforward combination with a navy blue suit, go with dark brown for a bit of a twist. So it really depends on what type of man you are, you can either play it safe with black or have some more fun with other colors.

    Gray Suit

    All shades of gray are classic colors that also go well with different kinds of leather. Like the navy suit, this color is versatile. Black, brown or burgundy shoes work best, but feel free to try your suit with different colored dress shoes. Grey suits are a tiny bit more relaxed than their navy peers, but they are still very elegant and should be paired with classy shoes. So don’t just buy any shoe, put some careful consideration in upgrading your collection.

    Tan Suit

    This summery color gets along best with brown and light brown shoes. This is a combination that many people are going to be jealous of you for, because not everybody has enough guts to wear a tan suit at all. But try to surpass yourself, your collection definitely needs this perfect pair.

    White/Ivory Suit

    Now it’s getting a bit more troublesome. A really light suit is a statement that can make a powerful impression when worn with the right dress shoes. So pay close attention now. Combine a white or ivory suit with light shoe colors, like a light brown or tan. Don’t reach for darker shoe colors, this will create too much contrast.

  • Be Ready for the Job Market

    Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment. However, this accomplishment is just the first step of climbing up the never-ending career ladder. Here are some tips on how to get set for your first entry into the job market. Continue reading

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