Looking fabulous in 56L Suits

56L is a size not every warehouse carries, especially in formal wear like suits and dress shirts. Many times, it belongs to the “Big and Tall” Collection or it is not even part of the size range. At Hundred Dollar Suits, we strive to provide the perfect suit for everybody, no matter your size or style. This is why 56L Suits naturally belong to our collection. So if you are a ‘Big and Tall’ man, don't worry, brother, we've got you covered.

Why I Know the Deal

Look, finding the right size and fit can be nerve-racking. What guy doesn't love being tall, but it can be frustrating trying to find pants that are long enough and even to find dress shirts that fit broad shoulders. The list goes on.

Why we carry 56L Suits

Any man who shops for a 56L Suits is tall, strong, and just big. This is a combination that'll turn heads when you walk past. Ladies love a big guy and I bet you've got plenty of confidence already. Though they shouldn't be, many men are a bit self-conscious about buying delicate garment like a suit, just because they find it hard finding their size and getting the right fit as well. Many times, this leads to asking a tailor for help as a last resort. The consequence: Lots of money, time and effort spent on buying suits. From now on, you don’t have to pay double or triple the price anymore, just because you naturally are a big guy.

Our 56L suits are made to bring out your best features. Before you shop, remember to double-check your size using our easy suit sizing guide on our homepage.

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