Introducing 52L Suits

WWE Wrestler John Cena’s body is incredible. He is ripped. There is no other way to put this. However, because he is a man who wears a size 52L, his 52L Suits are probably all bespoke. Not all of us have the time and money to go out and get themselves a bespoke suit by a skilled tailor. This is where Hundred Dollar Suits steps in. We carry sizes ranging from 34S up to a 56L. You will find 52L Suits easily when browsing our website.

Online Shopping isn’t always easy. Many times, colors look vastly different online than they do in real life. Finding the right fit without being able to try anything on can be tedious as well. Despite these challenges, the online shopping industry has been one of the fastest growing ones during the last couple of years. Shopping can be addicting, we all know that. But other obstacles come up quickly.

“Plus Size” - 42R?!

In men’s fashion, the term plus size refers to XL and up, translating to a 42 inch chest. It seems like designers aren’t factoring in how many men are above that size. It’s funny how a size that anyone would consider ‘average’, is represented by XL in the fashion industry.

Moving in the right direction

To me personally, it’s really hard to understand why the fashion industry is still so restrictive when it comes to ‘odd sizes’. Even so recently, more voluptuous models have received more attention. Sports Illustrated put the first plus size model on their cover and Target launched a new line in 2015 that focuses on bigger sizes. Zach Miko is a name that has been popping up over the last few months, he is the first male plus size model to sign a contract with a big US retailer like Target. These movements are great, but there is still a long way to go until all sizes are going to be taken into account by designers.

52L Suits in stock

Here at Hundred Dollar Suits, we don’t like to label people. We strongly believe that the only thing that matters is the right fit. The worst thing you can do is putting on a suit that is either too small or too large, scrunches up at the shoulders or makes you feel uncomfortable when wearing it at the office. Therefore, we would like to take the stigma off sizes in the high 40s and 50s. 52L Suits should be worn by confident, self-assured men.