Things to Know About Cashmere

Have you ever wondered about cashmere? It is a more high end product people have heard of. However, whatever cashmere is, it seems to be cloaked in mystery. Luckily, I have written this article explaining many of the important aspects of the fabric. What is it? Plus, why is it so expensive? 

What is Cashmere?

This fabric is used most in clothing. People have been wearing it for thousands of years. The fabric is grown largely in Central Asia, in mostly Northern Pakistan and India. The fabric comes from goats. That’s right I said goats. These goats are even called cashmere goats. Kind of makes you wonder which came first: the fabric or the goats. Its texture is useful as clothing because it is strong, light, and soft. In the Middle East and Central Asia these qualities are important when people work in the hot sun.

In the production of this fabric, China is the leading producer. However, many countries in the Middle East also produce the fabric as a raw material. Countries including Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey. The fabric is then dyed, spun, knitted, and made into jumpers, hats, and gloves. Many producers of the fabric are in Europe and the United States.

Why is Cashmere So Expensive?

Great question. The main reason is goats are needed to make cashmere. Since Goats take a while to grow their hair out, it takes a while to make it. It takes four years to make a sweater made of the fabric and the combed hair of more than two goats. Also the way people gather it is by hand not machine. Which makes it more expensive because it takes even longer to make huge quantities of this fabric.


So now we know where Cashmere comes from and exactly why it's so expensive. There are still a lot of questions unanswered. Those will have to wait until next time.