The Grey Suit

Grey Wolf - National Geographic

There’s a reason wolves wear grey. For them, it helps break up their outline in the forest and camouflages them against snow and rock. I doubt you’re going to wear a grey suit hunting, but none the less a fine grey suit is often times overlooked. Maybe you can’t see it right now eiter.


For you, this suit exudes power. A sharp grey suit is an eye-catcher because most people don’t wear one. They stick to what they know, blue and black. But if you want to conquer Manhattan, and maybe even evoke the spirit of those primal hunters we all know and love, it’s time to buy a grey suit.


Grey is often not an actual color in suiting. Most of the time it’s a very fine pattern of white and black that from a distance gives the suit a grey look. This is not what you want. You want a nice grey wool thread suit. Now there are two types of grey as well, dark and light. This part is really up to you, and I often recommend that people buy whichever is closer to their skin tone, light grey for lighter skinned men and dark for darker skinned men. This way the contrast between your face and the suit is not so stark. In either case, keep it solid and stick to two pieces.


Now, what makes a grey suit stand out is that it actually blends in. If you watched every business man on Wall Street or in the Garment District or even way up town you’ll notice a trend of navy and grey and maybe some tan. Now this is because no one wants to be the outsider and I agree, I’m not urging you to buy a red suit, well not yet. If you blend in to your environment, the grey buildings and boardrooms of Manhattan, you’ll have an easier time setting up your strike. And by strike I mean your power play. Whether that’s recommending something to your board of directors or asking out the cute girl in accounting. It’s unassuming because of its simplicity and edge. A grey suit hides you until you’re ready to strike.

Pairing a grey suit

The grey suit has become a staple because it pairs well with almost anything. You can pick almost any shirt at the department store and your grey suit will look great over it. The same goes for ties. Buy a few, one that matches your eyes, one that pops, and one that’s more “business-y” and rotate. As for shoes, you really can’t go wrong. Both brown and black will go nicely with a grey suit. If you’re going to get both: wear black in the winter and brown in the summer. But if you’re only getting one, I’d recommend black. It’s more versatile. And as always, a belt to match.