Building Your Wardrobe on a Budget

 Building Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Don’t be afraid, I know your wallet is empty and so are your pockets, but have no fear, the suit man is here! Ok, not really, but I am going to help your build your wardrobe on a budget. Trust me, I’ve done it, it’s not that bad.


First things first, you’ll need two suits to begin your wardrobe. I know, two sounds expensive, but remember you don’t need a Dolce and Gabbana suit; you’re not going to the Oscars. Shop around for the best value and hop on a sale if you can. Those two suits shouldn’t cost you more than $300. Don’t go for black, I know black is a staple in almost every piece of clothing, but for a suit that you’re going to be wearing everyday it is hot and too formal for the office. I always recommend a nice grey, dark or light, up to you and a nice rich navy. These two suits proudly exclaim, “Business!” And, that’s exactly what you want them to say. They also frame you, so before you buy get measured. A great suit will look terrible if it’s too big or too small.


This is a little harder because you have to dress to your skin tone and I can’t see you. But, no matter, you can’t go wrong with a rotation of three button-down shirts and two polos. I usually suggest pale blues, greens, and classic checker patterns, because they’ll coordinate with your suit pants if you don’t want to wear the full suit. Same advice here, shop around for a good deal and grab a sale.


Finding shoes on a budget doesn’t have to be hard. You’ll want black and a matching belt. Go to a department store and browse the sale rack. You don’t need the latest alligator leather moccasins; you’re riding the subway in them, just no. See if you can find last year’s styles, trust me a black oxford never goes out of style and your wallet will thank you.

From here on your on your own, but don’t worry with your newly built wardrobe you’ll be conquering the business sector, or the courtroom in no time.