The Art of the Constructed Jacket

When it comes to suits, there are many things to think about. A regular suit consists of two key pieces: the jacket and the pants. This is the easy part. Now let’s have a more detailed look at what a suit jacket consists of and why it's called a ‘constructed jacket.’

Parts of a Constructed Jacket

A fully constructed jacket of a suit has four layers: the cloth, the stitching, the chest canvas, and the lining on the inside. In contrast to an unconstructed jacket, the constructed jacket features sleeve head rolls and shoulder pads. This means an unconstructed jacket is more like a casual sport coat. It doesn't have a chest canvas. Now we’re heading deep into the world of fashion knowledge. Let’s go through the four parts step by step.

Functional and Comfortable

The cloth of a jacket can be made of wool, cotton, or a synthetic with a wool touch. Hundred Dollar Suits feature a mixture of rayon viscose and Dacron. A perfect combination of fabrics that are wrinkle-resistant, comfy on your skin and stretch enough for you to move effortlessly.

The stitching holds the individual pieces securely together. The chest canvas makes a suit jacket look, feel more robust and keeps the cloth upright.

Finally, the silk lining provides extra protection. It adds even more comfort and makes the inside of a Hundred Dollar Suit more beautiful.

Sleeve Head Rolls and Shoulder Pads

Sleeve head rolls sound confusing, but will turn many heads when wearing a hundred dollar suit. The rolls pair with shoulder pads to provide a smooth, tailored finish to the sleeve head.
All those pieces make up the finished, prêt-à-porter - ready to wear - suit jacket that pairs up with pants to make you walking around town shining.