Be Bold With Matching Suits and Sneakers

When you hear "suit", you immediately think of a conservative, elegant outfit that fits events like weddings and job interviews. But a suit is more versatile than you would think. Combining it with your favorite pairs of sneakers can be a change that makes a suit more wearable for every day and gives a more accessible touch to it.

Dressing it Down

There are certain rules that need to be followed when going for this unconventional mix. First things first: Know that as soon as you implement the sneakers-suit-combo. You won’t be able to pull that off at an important work meeting or any other official appointment. Sneakers are a way to dress a suit down for an everyday look, so that is not always ideal for the office. It also depends on your work’s dress code. After all, in many cases people can’t see your feet when they’re under your desk.

The Suit

Not every suit goes with every sneaker. If you want to go casual, you need a rather casual suit as well. So don’t pair your $2000 Armani suit with a cheap pair of dirty sneakers. That will ruin everything. Opt for a more wearable, comfortable suit that goes well with anything. Good examples for that are navy and grey shades that are very adaptable.

The Sneakers

If you’re new to the sneaker-suit-world, play it safe with ‘white shoes with white laces’, as Christopher Discipio from suggests. But then again, that may be a bit boring in the long run. To mix things up, grab a pair of black leather low-tops or even a two-tone model. Just see what works for you, don’t combine too many colors either. This could pretty quickly go the wrong way.

The Final Touch

So now we’ve combined the right things, let’s go a step further. To complete your new look, throw in some more casual touches like a plain white t-shirt or Crewneck sweater. That way you can justify wearing sweaters with a suit even better. Again, don’t be afraid to experiment, but don’t go too far either. You’ve got this. Now enjoy your polished, more laid-back outfit and hit town. Or be bold and show up to work like that, you’re going to be very comfortable.

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