Real Secret Agents Wear $100 Suits

Agent James Bond in a classic grey wool suit.

You shot the terrorist and stopped World War III, you cancelled the nuke launch and seduced the beautiful lady. Your country thanks you, well maybe not for the last part. But, wait, there’s terrorist blood all over your suit. If you’re a dumb secret agent, you bought a $2,000 suit and can’t take it to the cleaners. A smart secret agent would have bought 20 Hundred Dollar Suits for that price. For God and country, make the easy decision.

Ok, fine, you’re not a secret agent, but you’re still going to get your suit dirty. Coffee stains, dust and dirt, anything can happen. And while Tide-to-Go is always you’re friend, sometimes you need a suit that can just go to the dry cleaners. No hassle, no special instructions, cleaned and pressed just like new.

But, what if You are a Secret Agent

If you actually are a secret agent, don’t worry, we're not going to blow your cover.  Just find your size on our My Fit Page, remember to leave room for your secret holster, and find your color. For a fancy engagement where you’ll need to seduce a lady and steal a precious flash drive, I recommend our Modern Fit Black Suit. For a more everyday spy work suit, I recommend the Modern Fit Navy Suit or the Modern Fit Charcoal Suit.

Your mission should you choose to accept it: Look great and don’t break the bank. Hundred Dollar Suits eliminates the middle man, we ship straight from the factory to you. No price adjustments, no taxes, no shipping cost, just a straight hundred dollars. And, if you’re not satisfied with your suit you have a hundred days to send it back for a full refund. Our suits will have you looking sharp, suave, and sophisticated. But, wear some Kevlar, we don’t offer bullet-proofing yet.

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