Guide to Having a Beard in the Office

Beards are back baby! Whether you’re clean shaven or sporting a manly mustache, I’m going to walk you through what your facial hair says about you in the workplace.

Clean Shaven

You’re persistent. You maintain a clean shaven look which is hard, and shaving everyday can irritate your skin. Not to dissuade you from adopting one of the most prolific styles seen on men in this century. A clean shaven look pairs well with anything. A power suit for a lunch meeting with a prospective client. After work drinks with that cute partner who always winks at you. Or even a weekend getaway. Pair your clean shaven look with our Light Grey Modern Fit Suit wear it with any classic white shirt and leave the tie at home. It's timeless, classic, and unlikely to ever go out of style. Just make sure you’re moisturizing, having razor burn on your skin is a definite no go.


You’re rugged. Stubble is for the working man. He doesn’t have time to shave, he’s working! Stubble shows your boss you’re willing to go the extra mile for success. You’re going to stay late and get to work early. Remember, stubble is good, but scraggly is not. Keep your stubble under a half inch and you’ll exude a calm, centered, powerful, aura. Pair your stubble with our Dark Grey Modern Fit suit, a light colored shirt, and a tie to match your eyes. Dressed all up, girls can’t resist a little scruff.

Full Beard

You’re patient. It takes time to grow a full beard and you’ve got it in spades. Wear your beard proudly. Full beards exude confidence, trust, and power, so make yours work for you. Always shampoo your beard in the shower and remember to keep it trimmed and clean. Nobody likes seeing bits of your lunch caught in your mustache. For a truly striking appearance that would make any Viking jealous, pair your beard with our Black Modern Fit Suit. You're not raiding and pillaging.  You’re guaranteed to claim a prize with a beard like that.

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