Wool Suits: 7 Reasons Why They Are Still Around

Wool Suits: 7 Reasons Why They Are Still Around

Wool suits have been the industry standard for centuries. Even with new blended suit materials coming out every year, wool suits have withstood the test of time. Here is why.

1. Breathability of Wool

You may think of wool as thick, but it also breathes extremely well. Wool suits remove moisture off your skin and allow the breeze through.

2. Wool for all seasons

Obviously you would want thicker wool suits in the winter and thinner in the summer. Wool is a perennial material. Stay warm in the winter and cool off in the summer.

3. wool suits are Built to last

Suits are a long term investment. A good suit can last decades. Wool suits holds thier shape over time and age better than any other material. Aged wool may take on a glossy matte texture, but it will still look elegant. The gloss is the formal equivalent of worn

4. Stay fresh in Wool Suits

Wool airs out so easily. All you have to do is hang it up in a dry place and odors may fade.

5. Wool suits are Smart

Wool is both comfortable and wrinkle resistant. It works great as an insulator, keeping heat in under your coat or keeping cold air in on hot summer days.

6. Wool on the Water

A little known fact about wool is that is is among the most water resistant materials. Sailors and fishermen often wear tightly woven wool hats and gear.

7. Wool is fearless

Unlike blended suits, which will burn easily when ironed, wool is an incredibly resilient fabric. Though I wouldn't suggest ironing your suit, its just silly. In between the layers of your suit is a layer of glue and direct heat applied to the exterior shell fabric will cause that glue to melt and warp the shape of your wool suit.

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