Party Suit Fever - Celebrate in Style

Party Suit Fever - Celebrate in Style

The party suit is an endangered breed. Since American culture went casual, suits have become slimmer and less flexible. Experts refer to this phenomenon as the Thom Browne effect. Personally, I blame Mad Men. The point is that these days you can barely sit in your suit without it losing a button. Look your best at the club, dance, or concert by buying a suit for a party that moves.

1. Spare your cashmere

As Carson Kressley of Queer Eye would agree, never wear your best suit to a party or dance. Something will go horribly wrong, and you will have V8 juice all over your Armani suit. Invest in a party suit with a superior range of motion.

2. Find the new black

I do admit that Black does look good on everyone. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to wear it as well. Experiment with charcoal, dark grey, navy or whatever it is you like. Go crazy. It is your fun suit, for that matter.

3. Trust no one

Pick a wearable jacket for your party suit. Do not trust the coat  check. Pick a thin jacket you can wear in a rave without sweating your way to an early grave.

4. No sneakers

Sneakers have their place with a suit, but not with your party suit. Remember, you are dressing to impress. Wear sneakers that age well. Wear white at your own risk.

5. Shirts in

You are not in Catholic school anymore, but you should still tuck in your party suit shirt or you will die a virgin.

6. Hang loose in Your Party Suit

Your party suit is for dancing. It does not have to be two sizes too big, but it should fit loose.

7. Shrug it off

The most important part of your party suit is the shoulders. Excessive padding or low armholes will limit your range of motion and ability to boogie. If you can give yourself a hug in front of the mirror without the shoulders bunching or tightening, you are in the clear. In fact, give yourself some love any time you go out. You deserve it. Plus: Wear any vents you want, but buy a jacket with vents.

8. Always Hang Your Suit Out to Dry

After a night of partying make sure your suit is hung out to dry before the next party.

Gentlemen, it is 2016. You do not have to wear suits that fit like surgical gloves to the club, or wherever you plan to get down. The party suit will set you free.