The Overcoat

Oh yes, the overcoat. Going out onto the green rolling hills of the country to have your pet falcon perch on your arm. Maybe it is 1916 and your overcoat is buttoned up to your throat to avoid frostbite. Or maybe it is 2016 and you want to look good and stay warm. Well, thankfully there is an overcoat to do all of those things and more. The overcoat has a long history in men’s fashion and is still in style, especially during the colder months. So if you are in the market for one, this article will help you figure out what size and style you may want.


What is the Overcoat?


The overcoat is simply a coat to be worn over your clothes. Classic overcoats were 100% wool, though modern overcoats vary between wool and nylon to improve their water resistance. The overcoat features the same pockets as a suit jacket, though the inside pockets are arranged in a slightly different manner. The gold standard is a notched lapel, but edgier styles are emerging, double breasted and peaked lapels.


Different Types

Some overcoats are worn for more formal events. Others are meant to protect you from the rain. One of the most popular coats is the trench coat, which was invented during WWI. These come in drab army colors and have been made a staple in men's clothing ever since.

The Ulster Coat, which is made of tweed, is another type of overcoat. They're usually long, double breasted, and feature 6 to 8 buttons. The Ulster Coat also features a heavy cuff. If you're working in the rain, or live in London or Seattle you will really appreciate this type of coat.

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