Reasons to Wear an Ascot Tie

Reasons to Wear an Ascot Tie

You wear an ascot wrapped around your neck and under your shirt, whereas cravats go around a closed collar and over the shirt. An ascot is less formal than a tie.

How to Tie Ascots.

Wrap it around your neck, loop from underneath, and spread it and tuck it under your shirt.

Be eccentric.

The most interesting man in the world wears an ascot, and so can you. Nothing could be manlier. Think of the boss mobster in Mean Streets.

It is on your bucket list.

Who does not want to experience the silky goodness of an ascot before the die?

So, now you know why you should wear an ascot. Here’s how:

1. Always match with the handkerchief.

If you are wearing an ascot already, you may as well invest in a pocket square or handkerchief. Ideally they will have the same design--often they are sold together.

2. Suits are for ties.

The ascot is not formal enough to be worn with your suit. You would be better served with neither ascot nor tie in a suit than just the former. Wearing an ascot to a formal event is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Ascots dress up casual looks.

3. Shave (or don’t).

The ascot draws attention to your neck and chin. Any stubble will make you look slovenly. Wear the ascot clean shaven or with a full beard.

4. Keep it simple.

Even ascots that do not display intricate patterns are often glossy. Ascots are flashy. They clash horribly with irregular shirt collars, intricate or colorful shirts, and white shirts. Shirts with simple patters and subdued colors work best with the ascot, depending on how loud the ascot itself is.

Ascots are for those who like to dress dangerously. Some men can pull them off every day. Others look like a pretentious flight attendant in an ascot no matter how hard they try. You your limits before you go off and buy a crate of ascots.