7 Ways to Look Good in Suspenders

7 Ways to Look Good in Suspenders

Wear suspenders at your own risk. Suspenders are a hard look for any man to pull off without looking like either an old coot or a fraternity pledge. Still, suspenders are not without their uses for the modern man, especially in formal settings

Just remember, suspenders are not ornamental. Wear suspenders for their utility, not their look.

1.Suspender color

Suspenders should take on solid, conservative colors. Most stores tend stock black suspenders. However, keeping with trends, today you may find more of a selection including white or rainbow if you are luckily.

2.Wear Suspenders Under Your Suit

You would not wear underwear on the outside. Keep suspenders well covered by your jacket. Hang suspenders farther onto your shoulders for stealth unless you want to look like a prospector every time your jacket catches a breeze.

If you live in the Windy City invest in a vest.

3.Live dangerously large

The paradox of suspenders is that they look horrible on larger men, but they are also the best way to restrain a waist. Wearing suspenders is like walking a tightrope--one slip, and nobody will ever look at you the same way.

Fun fact: If your weight fluctuates, suspenders will help avoid wrinkling and bunching.

4.Leave your belts at home, people

You would not wear two hats. Do not wear suspenders with a belt.

Use common sense.

5.Lose the loops

Wear suspenders with loop-less trousers. If all of your trousers have loops, sacrifice a few pairs of pants to your suspenders. Cutting the loops off your pants can be DIY fashion project.

Just do not get carried away with the scissors.

6.Favor buttons

Unless you are wearing suspenders for a costume party, clip-ons are never the answer.

Ravenous clip-on suspenders devour trousers like piranhas swarming a manatee.

7.Say when

Any suspenders worth their salt ought to be adjustable. Even if you bought them at Party City, they must adjust somehow or they are simply not even suspenders.

Before WWI belts were used for military dress uniforms exclusively. Embracing the waist belt is only one of the ways mankind evolved since the Great War. Suspenders are an endangered accessory, but hardly extinct.  Most tuxedos, for example, require suspenders. Even if you make no plans to rock suspenders, you never know--be prepared to wear suspenders.