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  • When it comes to suits, there are many things to think about. A regular suit consists of two key pieces: the jacket and the pants. This is the easy part. Now let’s have a more detailed look at what a suit jacket consists of and why it's called a ‘constructed jacket.’ Continue reading

  • IKEA's Business Model - Suits Us!

    Who doesn't like IKEA. They’re affordable, their designs are contemporary and they’re Swedish. That last one means you can have köttbullar aka meatballs when done shopping. Why am I bringing up IKEA? One simple reason, their business model of vertical integration is genius. Hundred Dollar Suits is a company with similar ideas. In this article, I will outline why they are able to sell their furniture at such low prices. Continue reading

  • When you hear "suit", you immediately think of a conservative, elegant outfit that fits events like weddings and job interviews. But a suit is more versatile than you would think. Combining it with your favorite pairs of sneakers can be a change that makes a suit more wearable for every day and gives a more accessible touch to it. Continue reading

  • Any item re-selling at twice the price for it was bought is said to have  keystone markup.

    As a customer, you go into a shop and buy certain clothing items for very different and - in some cases - ridiculous prices. Either you’re someone who likes good bargains, then you pay about 20 Dollars for a T-Shirt. Or you are a lover of certain brands, then you might be happy to pay five times that price for one shirt to put on. But how are prices generated and who does it? Continue reading

  • Agent James Bond in a classic grey wool suit.

    You shot the terrorist and stopped World War III, you cancelled the nuke launch and seduced the beautiful lady. Your country thanks you, well maybe not for the last part. But, wait, there’s terrorist blood all over your suit. If you’re a dumb secret agent, you bought a $2,000 suit and can’t take it to the cleaners. A smart secret agent would have bought 20 Hundred Dollar Suits for that price. For God and country, make the easy decision. Continue reading

  • Guide to Having a Beard in the Office

    Beards are back baby! Whether you’re clean shaven or sporting a manly mustache, I’m going to walk you through what your facial hair says about you in the workplace. Continue reading

  • Wool Suits: 7 Reasons Why They Are Still Around

    Wool suits have been the industry standard for centuries. Even with new blended suit materials coming out every year, wool suits have withstood the test of time. Here is why. Continue reading

  • Party Suit Fever - Celebrate in Style

    The party suit is an endangered breed. Since American culture went casual, suits have become slimmer and less flexible. Experts refer to this phenomenon as the Thom Browne effect. Personally, I blame Mad Men. The point is that these days you can barely sit in your suit without it losing a button. Look your best at the club, dance, or concert by buying a suit for a party that moves. Continue reading

  • How to Dress for a Black Tie Event

    Black tie events are simple. Black tie events are complicated. Unfortunately, both of these statements are true. The dress code, while simple at first glace is notoriously vague. But, the one thing you can count on is that the styles don't change by much if they do at all. So once you have it figured out, you will be set for life. Continue reading

  • Oh yes, the overcoat. Going out onto the green rolling hills of the country to have your pet falcon perch on your arm. Maybe it is 1916 and your overcoat is buttoned up to your throat to avoid frostbite. Or maybe it is 2016 and you want to look good and stay warm. Well, thankfully there is an overcoat to do all of those things and more. The overcoat has a long history in men’s fashion and is still in style, especially during the colder months. So if you are in the market for one, this article will help you figure out what size and style you may want.


    What is the Overcoat?


    The overcoat is simply a coat to be worn over your clothes. Classic overcoats were 100% wool, though modern overcoats vary between wool and nylon to improve their water resistance. The overcoat features the same pockets as a suit jacket, though the inside pockets are arranged in a slightly different manner. The gold standard is a notched lapel, but edgier styles are emerging, double breasted and peaked lapels.


    Different Types

    Some overcoats are worn for more formal events. Others are meant to protect you from the rain. One of the most popular coats is the trench coat, which was invented during WWI. These come in drab army colors and have been made a staple in men's clothing ever since.

    The Ulster Coat, which is made of tweed, is another type of overcoat. They're usually long, double breasted, and feature 6 to 8 buttons. The Ulster Coat also features a heavy cuff. If you're working in the rain, or live in London or Seattle you will really appreciate this type of coat.

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