Why I Wear a Navy Suit

True navy suits hold a deep, midnight hue. Other blues are less versatile, and weaker. Navy expresses a youthfulness flattering to older men, and loyalty. Take your navy suit with you wherever you go. From black tie optional events to airports, your navy suit can work with any situation. Wear navy blue and, like your suit, you will come off as versatile and professional.

Obama wears a blue suit every day.

"I'm trying to pare down decisions,” said Obama. “I don't want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make."

As our Commander in Chief puts it, even small choices chips away at one’s decisiveness, like a river gradually building through a boulder--psychologists call this phenomenon decision fatigue. Trusting in the variability of a few navy blue suits is Obama’s trademark look as well as a low-effort, high-value system that reduces friction in his daily life.

But navy blue can save you more than just time.

Many men never realize the color suit they choose has a profound subconscious impression upon their peers, as well as themselves. The colors you choose are just as important as your fit. You would not wear a zoot-suit three sizes too big to the office, so save the yellow pinstripe suit for your cameo on Sesame Street.

Colors convey character.

Black suits are for the depressed, morticians, plaintiffs, and valets--so do not be surprised if people start handing you their keys when you wear your black suit. Red connotes flashiness. Nobody takes an executive in beige seriously. White suits are only appropriate for Samba instructors and megachurch ushers. Green comes off as sporty. Brown clothes need to be tailored perfectly, or else your co-workers will dub you Mr. Potato head behind your back. Orange seems attention seeking. In purple you might look a little bit too fashionable for your own good, and pink is actually painful for human eyes.

The darker the color, the stronger the impression.

Navy blue infuses your character with an eternal propriety and conventional utility, both friendly and powerful. Think of the many media outlets, advertisers, agencies, and web based platforms that feature blue: Facebook, Fox News, and law enforcement for example.

As an added bonus, raindrops and other liquids are less obvious on your blue suit.

Since you should avoid washing your suit as much as possible, navy blue is a go to hue, both for professionals who only need the one multi purpose suit and for the executive who relishes the flexibility in wardrobe options that navy suits allow.

Navy blue’s place in the menswear color wheel remains secure. The fashion equivalent of gold of the fashion world, your navy blue suit holds its value even as the seasons come and go. Be ready for anything. Buy blue.