Double Vents: Two is Better Than One

Unless you live in a room full of mirrors, you probably don't consider how your suit looks from behind. Even the fashion savvy tend to focus on the front, but if you want to be a leader you would do well to consider how you look to those who follow you. Find out if a double vented jacket is right for you.

You might think the back of your jacket a cut and dry affair, but the variations on your vent say more about the wearer than any lapel.

Vents first developed on jackets as a functional necessity of riding horses. You might not commute by horse--parking is not that bad, at least not yet--but your vents still allow you to sit down without warping your jacket. As well as preventing creasing and bunching, vents also permit easier pocket access.

If you fear sitting down in your jacket, you may be wearing the wrong type of vents for you. So sit down, and read on. Take a load off.

Two types of vents dominate the fashion landscape, with a rare third choice: American, with one slit down the center; English, with the double vents, or side vents; and Italian, without any vents whatsoever.

The American (Single vent)

- The international community agrees, Americans tend to carry around a little extra baggage. Those of us with prominent rears risk growing a tail--that kicked up flap from the double vent--unless we stick with single vents.

- Of course, in a single vent jacket your hindquarters are totally exposed every time you put your hands in your pockets. 

- Single vented jackets are generally cheaper and easier to mass produce.

The English (Double Vent)

- The double vented jacket allows for the easiest pocket access.

- Most Bond suits are double vented--they highlight your physique, and have a slimming effect thanks to the vertical lines.

- The double vents allow for an increased range of movement.

- Wearing the double vent projects worldliness, quality, taste, and exclusivity.

Italian (Ventless)

- Ultra slimming effect when standing (still).

- Good luck sitting.

- Why even bother with trouser pockets?

- Ideal for prancing, posing, and those who cannot sit still.

Especially if you are a novice in men’s fashion, avoid the Italian vent, or lack thereof. A single vented jacket is a safe bet anywhere, but you may come off as cheap or unimaginative. The double vented jacket is an international favorite, an aerodynamic style conquering the world not in the name of England, but rather common sense. Vents are your friends, the more the better.