The Inner Pockets

Interior jacket pockets are more than an indicator of quality. Like your outer pockets, inner pockets must be used sparingly. Inner pockets, however, allow for a greater degree of privacy as well as specialization.

Since men started mocking each other for carrying man-purses, pockets have been a staple of our wardrobes. Far from going out of style or use, inside jacket pockets have never been more relevant.

While keys and sharp objects damage your lining, interior pockets are perfect for cell phones and mp3s. If you have a mysterious interior pocket, too big for tickets and too small for your wallet, chances are it is a tech pocket.

Some of the pockets have names derived from original uses, like the opera ticket pocket. These days interior pockets serve a variety of pocket purposes. Since they are interior, nobody will frown on you keeping candy bars in your opera ticket pocket, because no one will ever know.

Of course, on bespoke suits (tailor made from scratch) you can ask for as many inner pockets as your heart desires. Most of the pocket names we use today were named arbitrarily based on function, so feel free to name away.


My suit has one pen pocket, a wallet pocket, a passport pocket, a business card pocket, a phone pocket, an earbud and flash drive pocket, the jumbo wad of cash pocket, the judgement day black bean supply pocket, gold and diamond pockets, and finally the Jimmy Hat pocket. If you feel bulky with your inner pockets full, your jacket might be a bit tight.

Keep your business card pocket on your right breast so you remain free to go for your card while shaking hands.


Far from extraneous accessories, secret pockets are pockets in their purest form. Pockets take their name from the Old French word for bag. Originally men wore a pouch tied onto their trouser, but as pickpockets became more prevalent after the Industrial Revolution people started cutting bag holes into their pants. The rest is history. Pockets came into being to protect your valuables from pickpockets, which is the main benefit of interior pockets.


You might think that having more opera pockets makes you a big shot, but any more than four and you will come off as a lunatic. Unless you are the Phantom of the Opera, keep in mind that more pockets means more fabric, which leads to a clunkier informal look.


In men’s fashion it feels like every thread has a specialized name. Not so with interior pockets. Of course some of the pockets may have once had names, but nobody really cares about what you call your interior pockets--that is between you and your jacket lining. The inside of your jacket is a great place to express yourself, whether you fuel your OCD by labeling each pocket or pack enough concealed pens to open a shop. Just be yourself.

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