46S Suits Styles for you

Robert Downey Junior, aspiring actor and multi-talent, has a 45 inch chest. This forces him to either buy tailored suits, or jump up to a size 46. Especially because he doesn’t necessarily categorize as tall. At a height of 5’9’’ he is about average. An even bigger challenge can be having a 46 Chest and a height below 5’7’’. Whoever feels addressed, 46S Suits are what you should be shopping for. However, size 46S is considered as an ‘odd size’ by the malicious and many suit suppliers don’t include it in their lineup. Our mindset at Hundred Dollar entails having all sizes on offer. So let me walk you through our current collection, while paying special homage to all you out there who wear 46S suits.

Tackling the size issue

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of friends who complain about their ‘odd size’ all the time. “I love my body as it is, but whenever I go shopping, my confidence just drops with the limited sizes available”, is literally what a friend moaned about the other day. And this is one of the manliest guys I know. This issue is something Hundred Dollar Suits tackles efficiently. Our sizes range from 34 Short to 56 Long, some suits available in sizes up to 60. As a result, 46S Suits belong as naturally to our collection as bacon belongs in a club sandwich.

46S Suits you’ll love

Black, Modern Fit

Let’s start it off easy. Pair the Black Modern Fit Two Button Suit with a white dress shirt and a matching tie and there is nothing you can do wrong. A Black Suit suggests power and confidence.

Dark Gray, Modern Fit

46S Suits in Gray are rare, which makes them that much more striking. Slip into the Dark Gray Modern Fit Two Button Suit to show off all your shades. Also, try twisting it up by adding a dark blue tie. This style is surely going to get you recognized.

Light Gray, Ultra Slim

Take it one step further with the Light Gray Ultra Slim Fit Two Button Suit. Remember to leave the lower button undone and try out different tie colors. Blue and Burgundy are creative, Black is classic.

By following these prompts, you’re soon going to bring as much sass across as Mr. Downey Jr, without having to star in The Avengers.

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