Belt & Suit Matching for Dummies

You will be wearing a belt with your suit unless you like the idea of wearing suspenders in a professional capacity appeals to you. Wearing a belt with your suit seems simple enough, but there are plenty of ways to mess it all up. Seriously, your belt is the linchpin of your suit. The truly fashionable do not let anything slide.

1. Fit

Choose belts a few sizes longer than your pants waistline.

2. Brass on Brass

When wearing a belt made of felt or fabric with a square brass clasp and buckle, cut the excess material so no extra belt shows past the buckle.

3. Size Matters

The bigger the buckle, the less formal your look. The most formal belts tend to be thin, with two dimensional buckles.

4. Match

When wearing a belt with a suit make sure Leather matches with leather. Brown shoes require a brown belt. Glossy shoes require a glossy belt. And so on. The buckle should also match any male jewelry, such as cufflinks, pins, and watches.

5. Be Consistent

Do not throw away your longhorn belt buckles just yet. As long as the rest of your look matches the belt you can be the rancher you have always wanted to be.

6. Soft is Key

A quality belt is made out of soft leather, like Calfskin. Bend the belt as though you were about to beat someone with it before buying. Look out for brittle cracks.

Belts are made out of leather for a reason. Besides your shoes, the belt takes more punishment than anything you are wearing. Your belt and your shoes are your armor. When wearing a belt with a suit make sure they match.