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  • It has happened again: You have an important meeting, you’re already running late and of course you’ve forgotten the most important part. Your suit hasn't been to the dry-cleaner. Consequently, you immediately start panicking and don't know how to deal with this emergency.
    Just a reminder: If you are the proud owner of a Hundred Dollar Suit already, stop reading. Hundred Dollar Suits' fiber is wrinkle-resistant, so that you don't have to concern yourself with timely and expensive trips to the dry-cleaner.
    Everyone else: Don't worry, we've got your back. There are several ways of refurbishing your suit to its original condition without visiting a dry-cleaner.

    Sponge and Press

    There is a method that is called “Sponge and Press”. You’re going to see why in a minute. Lay the jacket or trousers on the ironing board, get a slightly damp sponge and some soap and start rubbing the stains. Dab the soap away with another sponge or a cloth, which will be slightly damp. Use a pressing cloth and give a finishing press to the garment. Just in case you don’t know what a pressing cloth is: It is the term used for that piece of fabric you cover your delicate fabrics with when ironing or steaming them.
    Finally, hang it to air in a warm place for a couple minutes, like your boiler cupboard or airing cupboard.

    Using a Steam Cleaner

    You could also just apply a steam cleaner.  If you haven't got one by hand, try leaving the suit on its hanger and holding a steam iron or a steam generator iron vertically. Then press the steam release button and steam-clean it that way.

    The Steamy Bathroom-Method

    Last but not least, you can try this out: If you realize that your suit is not ready to wear right after waking up in the morning, jump in the shower, turn up the heat and take your suit with you. No, not what you’re thinking. Don’t wear it, instead hang it up nicely inside the hot and steamy bathroom. This kills several birds with one stone: Your suit is turning crease-free while you’re enjoying a nice and relaxing shower.

  • When entering the business world, there is one thing that will always look professional and make people think you are already a CEO of a high-achieving company, a proper briefcase. The classic model, rectangle-shaped leather bags, are an effortless way of upgrading your outfit and storing all your important documents in one place. Do you remember the scene from How I Met Your Mother, when Marshall starts his first day of work and turns up with an empty briefcase? You can let him inspire you. Just make sure yours looks like it is actually full of job essentials.

    Its history

    The bag closest to the briefcase is probably the Roman Loculus, used during the 1st and 3rd centuries. It was usually made of a single goat or a calf leather hide. Its shape was achieved by adding leather straps which met in the center in a bronze ring. During the 20th century, the briefcase evolved from the infamous red briefcase, used to hold the British Budget Papers, to a bulky leather case during the 60s and 70s of the past century. The 1980s saw designer labels catching up on the briefcase and creating must-have accessories.

    Evolving into a statement piece

    There is one salient difference between today's briefcases and the ones that preceded it. Newer briefcases are about making a statement and about determining one's own identity. While, ones from the past were purely about functionality. The reason why they evolved into such statement pieces is politicians and government officials shaping their connotation.

    Useful tips

    Although you don't need to pick the most expensive version, invest in one that will last you for long. If this is your first briefcase, try opting for a classic, easy-to-combine color like black or dark brown.

    Materials range from from classic leather to aluminum and they come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing yours, bring one of your suits as well. By doing that, you can match styles. Your new briefcase will let you carry your everyday essentials in an effortless and fashionable way.

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