Band-Collared Shirts for Dummies

Band-collared shirts are the future of fashion. The next time you ruin a perfectly good collar shaving, save the shirt by amputating the collar. No matter the occasion, band-collar shirts are up for the task. Here are a few reasons why band-collar shirts are taking our culture by storm. They started as a summer fashion craze, but collar-less shirts are here to stay.

1. Single Use No More

Collars are the reason we wash shirts after every use. They look awful when they wrinkle, and you really need to iron them after washing. Band-collar shirts first evolved so you could rotate detachable collars and save yourself the trouble of washing the entire shirt. They caught on among prospectors on the American frontier.

2. Nail in the Coffin

Ties are an endangered accessory in men’s clothing. Not so long ago they were so standard, ties were not even considered accessories. Wearing a band-collared shirt announces just how you feel about ties, bowties, ascots, et. cetera. You do not need them. You do not want them. Man has cast away the tyranny of the tie.

3. Smart, Casual, Chill

Band-collared shirts make your wardrobe more versatile. The full button-up placket keeps your look formal, but the lack of a collar keeps your look relaxed and helps moisture and heat escape your shirt.

4. One Shirt Fits All

If you only own one shirt, it might as well be collarless. Wear it to the picnic, the beach, or the opera. The current trend is to dress down dinner jackets with band-collared shirts.

Band-collared shirts first came into style in the 1970s, While they have hibernated for a cool half century, the collarless collar look is as fresh as ever. Band-collared shirts are hip on every continent. America has not gone casual so much as changed the definition of formality.