Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers

“We’ve been to a million weddings and guess what? We rocked ‘em all!” – John Beckwith

Proper wedding etiquette is key, but proper attire might be more so as Jeremy said, “draw attention to yourself, but do it in a positive way.” So, I’m here to do just that. To help you dress the part when supporting your friends and family at their wedding. Or maybe just to help you get laid like these two jabronis


Always a suit. No excuses. Unless it’s black tie. Need I say more?


Classic colors are best for weddings; leave the ostentatious colors to the bridesmaids. Stick to navy, blue, or light grey. Navy blue will look especially sharp with a black tie and a white shirt, for a Hollywood come home look. Blue pairs well with an off color tie, consider gold, yellow, grey, or silver. And light grey is a classic staple of any man’s wardrobe and can be paired with literally any color tie, match your girlfriend’s dress. Or bring a few different ones in the car and try to match to a cute girl’s dress, she’ll notice and you’ll have an easy conversation opener. If the wedding is in summer and it’s going to be hot, consider a linen suit or even seersucker. For linen keep it simple, a nice solid tie and a white or light blue shirt. With seersucker you can get a little more creative and pastels are coming back into style. A wedding is the perfect place to show off that pink seersucker suit you just bought.


Stick with black and you can really never go wrong. For a daytime wedding or a summer event you can get away with brown, but stick to a nice chocolate or caramel color. Lace-ups or monk strap are always a nice clean look, if you’re feeling bold a nice wingtip is always a welcome addition to a good suit.

When in doubt, blend in. It’s the bride’s day, not yours. But if you do want to crash, just a little, take my advice.