Take Your Suit Traveling

As a businessman, traveling in a suit is a regular thing. But in order to keep your suit as beautiful as it was when you first put in on, you'll need a clever way to pack it in your luggage.

The Simple Suit Rule

If your meeting or appointment is on the day of the flight, you wear it, if it’s not, don’t. Pack it into your suitcase instead.

There is an important exception to this rule, though, if it’s a ready-to-wear suit, it should be worn, since it might not recover until the next day if it spent several hours in a suitcase. So this is something that should be considered when taking your hundred dollar suits traveling. Bespoke ones are more travel-tested in that manner.

How to Fold a Suit for Traveling

If you decide to pack several hundred dollar suits, this guide will help you to learn how to fold them neatly, as explained by Jonathan Brill:

  1. The jacket: Pull the sleeves and collar inside out completely. Then fold it in half several times until it fits easily into your luggage.
  2. The pants: Fold them once and then roll them up so that no fabric is wrinkled. Imagine it like rolling a tie.
  3. The dress shirt: This can be done exactly like rolling up the pants.

When you arrive at your destination, make sure that the first thing you do is hanging your suit immediately.

So now we’ve found out it’s best to simply wear your suit on a flight. This is also a good idea because it simply looks more professional to travel in a suit. Hundred Dollar Suits are comfortable enough to wear on a plane anyways.