Suit Colors: Summer Edition

Why Suit Color Matters

The color of your suit is the first thing others will notice about you. So, make sure you pick a color that matches your skin tone and hair, and that makes you feel comfortable. Light grays and tans are classic summer colors, but blues and white are enjoying a strong comeback. Our editors from Hundred Dollar Suits have picked out summer’s suit trends from the collection.

The Blue Suit

A blue suit is lighter than the classic navy, that most men prefer. But a blue or even a true blue suit is a color that not a lot of men feature in their wardrobe. What true blue is? An intense, luminous shade of blue that not all men can pull off. But if you can, go for it. This is a great opportunity to step out into the spotlight and be noticed for your fashionable, fresh and versatile suit. If you don’t want to go the extreme way in a true blue, aim for the classic blue suit.

The Light Gray

The light gray suit adds a new, fresh tone to your wardrobe. It is distinctively lighter than its other gray peers and comes across as a bit more casual. It's a great way to break up the monotony of classic colors like navy and charcoal.

The White Suit

The white suit is perfect for special events like white parties. If you want something more versatile, go with ivory. But be warned: a white suit and even an ivory suit can draw a lot of attention to you.

The Tan

The tan suit, like the light gray, is a great color to spice up your wardrobe. It's a classic summer color and isn't as common as light gray, so it’s sure to turn heads when walking down the street or entering the office. It can also help interviewers remember you better as it is unlikely many other applicants are going to wear the same color.