Wear a $100 Suit to Buy a $2000 Suit

According to researchers at Princeton University, a first impression doesn’t take longer than the blink of an eye. That is the whole reason why the phrase ‘dress for success’ is so true. Because humans take such a short time to process an impression of people they meet for the first time, you should always be aware of your wardrobe as well. What we see is what first grabs our attention.

Wearing a Suit When Buying a Suit

When going shopping, this is also a phenomenon I’ve witnessed myself. Just try and go to one of the high end fashion stores in a casual outfit - nobody is even going to look at you, let alone talk to you. So there we go, if you want to shop at one of these high end designers, try and wear a hundred dollar suit to it. Just by suiting up, as Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother would put it, people are going to take you that much more seriously. On top of that, you will feel more confident as well, which in turn is going to be noticed by shop assistants. They are going to fight each other in order to get to serve you.

The Suit Hierarchy

Just like there is a continuous and dynamic hierarchy in the business world, suits can be categorized in a hierarchy as well. It is proportional to corporate hierarchies.

So we’ve got regular ready-to-wear suits, there are high-end designer suits and then there are bespoke, personally tailored suits. In order to move up in that hierarchy, you need to start somewhere. This is where hundred dollar suits can help you move up in the business world.
So back to our designer shops - maybe in a few years’ time, you are going to be a regular at those institutions, suits for 2,000 dollars a piece are going to belong to your wardrobe just like you’re now shopping at Gap and Abercrombie. A hundred dollar suit can get you started.