The Inside Scoop About 34s Suits

Tailor Made 34s Suits For Small Stature

Normally, men are faced with the struggle of big sizes not always being available. But what about particularly small sizes? This is where the 34s Suits sizing play an important role. Celebrities like Bruno Mars, Daniel Radcliffe and Lenny Kravitz come to mind because of their small but well built stature. When dressed in suits fit to their size, they always turn up flawless and fresh in style. You can too when you shop our 34s Suits range.

Choosing 34s Suits For Everyday Wear

34s Suits should be your top choice when you’re between the heights of 5’4’’ and 5’6’’ with a small frame. Consider 34s Suits with an Ultra Slim or Slim Fit. These fits were made for you because of the tailoring and design that accentuates lean builds making sure the clothing hangs just right on your body frame. The 34s Suits at Hundred Dollar Suits are made with quality fabric that is not too heavy yet durable which is the perfect choice for daily wear.

Top 34s Suits Trending Styles

Explore the fashion forward 34s Suits guide down below to help you get started with the 3 best styles.

  1. The Classic - The Man in Black. There is probably nothing more foolproof than a Black Ultra Slim Fit Two Button Suit, paired with a crisp and clean white dress shirt. When worn with black or brown dress shoes, subtle accessories and a sleek hairstyle, you are more than good to go.
  2. The Bold - The Trending Summer look is the White or Ivory Suit. The White Ultra Slim Fit Two Button Suit will definitely turn some heads when you walk by. Make sure to include tan or light brown shoes, a light blue dress shirt and very subtle jewellery. This Suit speaks for itself, so keep the accessories to the minimum.
  3. The Business Casual - Popular trend is the Navy suit. Navy is such a versatile and masculine color. Just combine the Navy Ultra Slim Fit Two Button Suit with any dress shirt according to personal preference. Gray and White are the most obvious picks. A Lilac dress shirt emphasizes the Navy Suit suitably as well.

Ready to make the leap and put on our 34s Suits? Just follow the above fail proof tips along the way and you’ll look dapper at any occasion be it formal or casual. Jump right in and grab the 34s Suits online today!