34S Suits For The Sassy

Normally, men are faced with the struggle of big sizes not always being available. But what about particularly small sizes? 34S Suits are for men who are skinny built and have a height ranging between 5’4’’ and 5’6’’. Celebrities like Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne and Lenny Kravitz come to mind. When in suits, they always turn up in flawless and fresh style. Just copy what they're doing and you're good to go.

34S Suits Are All Yours

If you fit the measurements outlined above, suits should be your everyday attire. Ultra Slim Fit Suits have been made for you. In fact, you can consider yourself lucky. Men featuring a slim build can pull off almost any style. Do you remember that time when Cam Newton wore those impossible pants and Buzzfeed just commented: The pants aren’t even the worst thing in this picture. What is even more appalling is how poorly they fit. This cannot happen to you. As a skinny man, even bold and sassy pants give you a sophisticated look.

Styles For You

Below, I will give you a few pointers on how to bring out your exceptional appearance in eye-catching 34 Suits Styles.

The Classic

Be the Man in Black. There is probably nothing more foolproof than a Black Ultra Slim Fit Two Button Suit, paired with a crisp and clean white dress shirt. When worn with black or brown dress shoes, subtle jewellery and a sleek hairstyle, you are more than good to go.

The Bold

My new summer love is the White or Ivory Suit. The White Ultra Slim Fit Two Button 34S Suit will definitely turn some heads when you walk by. Make sure to include tan or light brown shoes, a light blue dress shirt and very subtle jewellery. This Suit speaks for itself, so keep the accessories on the down low.

The Business Casual

You knew it was coming up. The Navy. It’s such a versatile and beautiful color, I had to include it in this list. Because of its broad possibilities, I cannot even suggest one style for this suit. Just combine the Navy Ultra Slim Fit Two Button suit with any dress shirt that fits your current needs. Light Blue and White are the most obvious picks. But a Lavender or Peacock Blue emphasize the Navy 34S Suit very nicely as well.

Let yourself be inspired by my picks and experiment with different styles, you’ll surely find your perfect everyday style in a 34S Suit soon.

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