What is a Black Tie Event

If you are the unsophisticated type like me you probably don’t get invited to many fancy parties. And if you are like me you can barely dress yourself. So you can’t understand why anyone would want to dress up just to get drunk. However, it is a good to know proper etiquette when it comes to these types of events. Why? Well, one reason is to be respected. Also if you appear respectable people will want to talk to you. If people want to talk to you you will be able to rejoin society. So wipe the Cheeto dust off your face and let’s talk about Black Tie Events.

What is a Black Tie Event

A black tie event is traditionally a semi-formal event usually starting after 6pm. These events are less formal than white tie events, but more formal than business dress. Black tie events started in Britain and the United States around the mid to late 19th century. In the United States, men usually wear tuxedos with a peaked lapel rather than a suit.

Getting Invited to a Black Tie Event

Now you have been invited to a black tie event. So you think you are just going to get a black tie, a nice suit, and hand out, but don’t. They might not let you in with what you are wearing. I know what you are thinking rich people have so many rules. I know, but thankfully I’m here to guide you, so they don’t smell your poverty too much.

After you are invited, look at the invitation to see what kind of black tie event it is. Is it a black tie or black tie optional or black tie preferred event? The different between these are important. Black tie is strictly a tuxedo event, while preferred you can wear a suit and optional wear something formal. The different between optional and preferred is important here. Preferred means that if you do not have a tuxedo go with the next option the suit. Whereas, the optional is formal dress.

To Conclude

So you finally figured out how to read this invitation and found out it was a black tie not black tie preferred event. So now you have your tuxedo and are going to the event. Good luck. Hopefully you don’t get kicked out.